Be Minka Blue

Be your own perfect combination of Minka Blue! 

When you mix the words Minka + Blue together, it = a strong-willed warrior filled with confidence, strength and fluidity. We cater to strong confident women with heavenly capabilities that love the water and the essence of island living. 

When you hear, Minka Blue, think strength, beauty and love...

- think you. 


Price Range

One Piece
$ 200+

Two Piece

Accessories $8 per sheet


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Customer Reviews

I won't wear any other swim suit

โ€œMinka Blue really knows how to make a woman feel sexy! When I put on my swim suit, I feel like a completely different personโ€

โ€” J.A.

A Must buy!

โ€œSo much so that I bought all my besties Minka Blue bikini's for Christmas! #Summer.โ€

โ€” L.K.

Drippin Gold.

โ€œNot sure if it's just be, but this Island Chocolate Flash tattoo has me feeling like a goddess. Can't wait for some new releases.โ€

โ€” J.Y.


Be you, be Minka Blue.

Your perfect swimwear and accessory are waiting.